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Our partners help us to achieve our mission all around the globe.


Serigne Ousmane Dia better known as B52 (or Bombardier) is an MMA fighter. He began working with UTAC upon spending some time with Sam Burke on a medical mission. He uses his skills in MMA to bring prosperity to his local community in Senegal.


Général Diouf is a Senegalese wrestler who is partnering with UTAC to share his art and culture to enrich communities Worldwide.


Justin Salas is a 2 time Wyoming State Champion Wrestler, former UFC lightweight contender, and currently coaches at the Genesis Gym in Denver. He is a major collaborator in UTAC’s effort to make a positive social impact.


Archie Colgan is a Big 12 wrestling champion. He is looking forward to traveling to Africa with UTAC.


Kurshin Parpiev is a Kyrgyz champion wrestler. Parpiev trains with Coach Babur Ergamberdiev at Osh Dinamo Wrestling. Coach Ergamberdiev is a close family friend of Co-Founder Farhod Mamatkhanov and Osh Dinamo Wrestling is proud to be partnering with UTAC.


Oybek Nasirov is a Pan Asian Champion training with Coach Babur Ergamberdiev at Osh Dinamo Wrestling, a proud UTAC affiliate.


Save The Buzz is a non-profit program dedicated to preserving honeybee populations by building sustainable hives, protecting the bee’s habitat, and providing education. For more information on Save The Buzz visit

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